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For Our U.S. Troops and Allied Forces

To the Brave Men and Women in the Armed Forces:



For many years, hanging a yellow ribbon on objects such as trees, cars, and mailboxes has been the symbol to show someone you care about that you miss them and to wish them a quick and safe return home. We hope to carry on that tradition by filling these pages with yellow ribbons for our troops overseas.

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Our Ribbons at Home



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Section 6


Spc. Zen Samten

Prescott, Az.

Gone but NEVER forgotten!!!!!



 Sean Dial..He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. Psalm 91:1



My prayers go out for you.

Thanks for your sacrifices.

Hilliard, FL.




Captain Kerry Taylor

Memphis, Tn.



Noah Thomas McArdle





 Stanley and Barbara Davis-Lancaster, KY



Praying for the safe return of my nephew,PFC Allen Schoepf - I love you Al! Thea Bloys Lubbock, TX



In remembrance & to thank those who still fight the good fight for freedom. Aumen family, Smithfield, NC


















































































































































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