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What Can We Offer This War
Cindy Daniels

Today I Wept
Michael Johnson

 Fortune Cookies
Bette Mioduski

America Cries
Teresa Jahn

For Those I Love, for those who love me
Pat Theriot

I’ll Take It From Here
Marcella Dawn Tom

 When Duty Calls
John Tetor

 My Last Flight
John Tetor

 Cry No More For Me
John Tetor

Stand for Glory
Leah Bromley

Our Wings are Scorched
Joan Ashleigh Miller

 I Will Soar
Brenda A. McMahon


Proud To Be An "American"
Pamela Pleasants

Pam Pleasants

 A Letter To Terrorists
Rebecca Bingham

 There is a Feeling of Sadness
Margaret Rodgers

 That Sad and Dark Day, in September
Torres Family

 Peace on Earth
Margaret Moore

 Are You Ready
Dottie Bowler

 The Stable
Margaret Moore

 His Tree
Margaret Moore

 Wisemen Worshipped the King
Margaret Moore

 My Sheep
Margaret Moore


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Essays, Short stories, and Poetry
By Military Personnel



Submitted Poetry


What Can We Offer This War
Cindy Daniels  copyright March 2003

What can we offer to the ones in the field
so far from their families now this war is so real:
we're the ones in the our living rooms, tuned to CNN
our hands to our mouths when bad news floods on in,
But what can we offer this war?

What can we offer to the relatives who cry
at the phone shrilly ringing to go identify:
with hearts full of remorse we can only stand still
out of respect for the lost, on our knees we can kneel,
But what can we offer this war?

What can we offer as you crawl tanks and eat dirt
across sandy foreign deserts hoping no comrades get hurt:
dragging in at all hours, no word on things back at home
does doubt begin to plague you, soldier, when you are alone?
What can we offer this war?

Do you hear our prayers over the protests and shouts,
do you feel our support for you as you move artillery out?
can you see our flags waving - red, white and blue…
do you know how many strangers owe their lives to you?
What can we offer this war?

What can we offer when journalists relate all the news,
of all that has happened when they zoom in on the troops:
can you feel our helplessness and the wringing of hands
of us that wish we could help you in such a faraway land?
What can we offer this war?

What can we offer as one of Ours goes down -
we watch in horror as proof of chemical weapons are found,
biological and nuclear destruction seems clear…
just what will it take for Divine Intervention to appear?
What can we offer this war?


And when the war is over, soldier, we will all stop to count our loss
You'll each go down in history for you were soldiers with a cause.
You met your challenges bravely, they were courageous steps to take,
and you are heroes in the eyes back home for it was others much at stake.

We can offer praise with upheld arms to the skies
for Almighty God, and His mercy, and the strength in His eyes;
We can offer faith to every soldier in the East
and pray for their safety, as well as their peace. 

We can help the families left behind here at home
To show someone cares so they won't feel quite so alone:
We can fly our flags and know just what these colors mean
We can stand behind our leaders, no matter what it seems.
Is this so much to offer when the soldiers gave their ALL?

Cindy Daniels
Copyright ©2002   

Today I Wept

Today, as I soar over the majestic buildings that my people have built out of innovation and determination, I wept.  As I look below me I see the scenes of devastation caused by a rogue group of criminals that hold nothing sacred, not even their own lives.  I wept for the pain and suffering they have wrought on my people.  Yes, today is the day I wept.

Now is their time, their time to care for those they can, to shed their tears, to grieve and to bury their dead.  However, the time will come, when they have had time to regroup and plan, that I personally will lead them as they hunt down those responsible. They will do as I, when I hunt, swoop down from the sky nearly un-noticed and take their prey.  I will be there with them as they do these things for they have chosen me, of all the great creatures in this world, as their national emblem and I will represent them well.  But today, today is the day I wept.

You have seen me in many different images through the years.  You have seen me portrayed as a predator, an emissary of action and there have even been cartoon characters of me in various forms and images.  However, today it is the image of my tears being shed that represents me best.  Because today is the day I wept.

In the days that follow the tears will have been dried and the resolve will have been strengthened.  It is then that you will see me in many more images, images which include me clothed in the flag of my people, with various military themes and in various caricatures.  All of these will represent me at any given moment during the days, weeks and months that follow.  For I have steeled myself, that as the rodent that I would swoop down upon and use for sustenance, my people will emulate me. Their wonderful machines that allow them to share my skies will appear to the perpetrators of this crime as a great bird of prey choosing, then taking it's next meal.  These criminals will be made to pay a heavy price because of their actions on this day, the day I wept.

So I beg of you, do not look upon me weak as I shed tears for my people.  Give me too time to grieve and hurt with them for their pain and suffering is as my own.  But......In the days ahead I will turn my full attention to those that have attacked my country.  They will know the fear of the mouse in the fields as they see me glide overhead.  They will know the pain of my talons and yes, some of them will know the pain of death.

I beg you not to pull back from the reality that some must and will die.  As in nature the strong survive and my people are the strongest of all.  Do not let your resolve and determination slack, because I will be fed and sustained by you.  Do not lose faith in me because I can't accomplish what must be done overnight.  Do feel the same pride and sense of one that you feel now.  Continue to look to me, as a symbol of your country. Fly your flags and support the troops that will be the instrument of your resolve.  Most importantly look to the God that has created us all for He will be with us.

There will come a time when I will look back on today, it will be the day that I wept, but it will not be the day that I
abandoned my people.  

Michael Johnson


Fortune Cookies

Am on my way to war, the stuff of cowboys and Indians. The plane lands in a hollow cheeked plateau. The sunrises with a bayonet centered between the eyes of my life.

I think of home, my children, my wife.

My steps take a stumbling, staggering shove into an eight foot hole; a rotten green stench crawls up my leg; vomit feasting centipedes dance around my swollen feet. And I think of the fortune cookie handed over when I left for the game of reality. “Stay tough” the message read. I hear teasing chopper blades, a shaft of blue through a slit in the bamboo. Too many days and years I've been caged. I've forgotten the date, even my age.

There’s days of rat pellet rice, and days of black tea salted for spite. The hellish heat colors my skin gray; the peeling flakes feed jungle ants till their bellies swell.

These snake eyed captors expect me to convert, to lie and grow a long nose; I'm not Pinochhio! And, Hanoi Jane came grinning and, growing a long nose! Her ears big as elephants listening to their distorted philosophies.

The cold spreads a numbing chill. I feel my body curl up in a fetal fold; those ants begin to look good if only the earthen mud was chocolate. Stale crackers take on the scent of steaks in a moment of starving hallucination.

And these years in isolation have driven me to a madness. Tree roots knotted into prayer beads; I mold a pillow out of raw clay patting it smooth laying down my thoughts exhausted.. God give me a strength, give me a sign to “stay tough." Give me honor, my dignity, give me a truth.

Talk to me God,let me live to be free-

©Bette Mioduski 2002

 America Cries

We see your sorrow-
and our hearts cry....
We can not take away your pain
but you do not have to face the anguish alone, because we-
-the American people-
are beside you.
We so desperately want to have the touch that brings you comfort,
the strength that gives you courage,
and the words to lighten your spirits.
And when we are left speechless
may the silence of our nation weave love into your hearts
to ease your pain.
May you find healing through our nation's strength as we-
-the American people-
face this difficult time together. Our hearts are with you.

Teresa Jahn

For Those I Love, for those who love me

When I am gone,release me,let me go.
I have so many things to see and do.

You mustn't tie yourseif to me with tears,
Be happy that we had so many years.

I gave my love, you can only guess,
How much you gave me in happiness.

I thank you for the love you each have shown,
But now it's time I travel on alone.

So grieve a while for me, if grieve you must,
Then let your grief be comforted by trust.

It's only for awhile that we must part.
So bless the memories that be within your heart.

I won't be far away, for life goes on.
So if you need me, call and I will come.

Though you can't see or touch me,I'll be near,
And if you listen with your heart you will hear,
All of my love around you soft and clear.

And then, when you must come this way alone,
I'll greet you with a smile and "Welcome Home."

  This is for my "Family I miss all of you"

Pat Theriot

I’ll Take It From Here
(Pass Colors)
May 2, 2002

    Above the destruction, our flag proudly waves, in answer to a question of old.
    Amid shattered buildings, our spirit stands tall, in this land of the free and the bold.

    As deep in the rubble, one hero struggles, trying to save a life,
    Another hero comes to carry the flag far away from home and wife.

    “I’ll take it from here,” the soldier says, “Please, just keep doing your part.”
    “I leave it to you to keep serving here and healing the injured hearts.”

    “As for me, I’ll take this flag, our Glory as I go.
    And in that foreign land, I’ll fight, though my fate I do not know.”

    “Well, I thank you, Soldier,” the fireman says, “Your fight helps freedom live on,”
    “It’s people like you who’ve made this country so great, and good, and strong.”

    “It’s the least I can do,” the soldier replies, “to protect great heroes like you.”
    “You’re dedicated to saving lives, you make a sacrifice, too.”

    And as one hero hands off the flag, there’s cause for celebration,
    Another hero carries it away, as he goes to protect our nation.

    As we go through our daily lives, enjoying liberty whose cost is so dear,
    Let us in all the ways that we can, humbly answer, “I’ll take it from here.”

Copyright 2002 Marcella Dawn Tom



My Last Flight

As our bird taxied down to the end of the strip waiting for takeoff
not yet knowing none of us would ever make it back.
After takeoff flying on that autumn day through a blue sky
who would dare think we were part of a terrorist attack.

It was just another day, another flight, I have flown before
but in a few minutes it would all change, our lives and history forever.
This is something I hope no one has to go through again
not now, not ever

So many things happen, all too fast
still not imagining why or even think of what to do.
Faces stared out the plane's windows.
Faces of fear looking for hope, not the view.

Then that moment came in a flash
without meaning, without pain.
Something I now remember of that day
the Lord's angels calling all so many names.

As we stood on the steps leading up to heaven's gate
God with open arms looked down on us from his throne.
He spoke softly I am here to guide you
through eternity at your new home.’’

All your tomorrows will be without me
but memories of me will always be in your heart.
So that whenever you have a thought of me
never will we be very far apart.

Take care of yourself, please do that for me
You will need your strength to take care of the family.
Trust in the Lord for only he has the reason Why
Never loose faith in God and this great country.

These words are written just for you
So hopefully you may understand what I'm trying to say.
I may no longer be able to stand beside you
but this is where I belong now and here I am O K

By John Tetor
Copyright ©2001 John Tetor



Cry No More For Me


When I left for work that morning
I did not know that I would never come back.
With an autumn blue sky and clouds you could almost touch
who would of ever thought of a terrorist attack.

Some say it was our jobs and after all
it was what their taxes paid us for.
But to me, my brothers and sisters
it was our life,  what we lived and died for.

That moment it all happened was just a flash
I never felt anything, there was no pain.
The only thing I truly remember of that day
was the angels calling name after name.

Flashes of my life I saw before me
now they are all in the past.
With no longer need to worry about tomorrow
peaceful eternity now and forever will last.

Your tomorrow will start without me
but we will never be far apart.
With every moment you think of me
I will forever be in your heart.

As we all stood before God
as he sat upon his great throne.
We knew what we were there for
to enter our permanent home.

We know of  all the tears and pain
from loved ones we had to leave behind.
We hope these words will help many 
but answers to why,  even we could not find.

Our hearts are full of sorrow wishing everyone would understand
We did what we loved Our Jobs and would do it over again.
Your hearts have our memories of what we did and who we were,
may that give you courage and strength to help wherever you can.

Help America stay the way it was intended
a country  that will always stay strong and free.
Do whatever that has to be done to protect those rights
but please
"cry no more for me."

By John Tetor
Copyright ©2001 John Tetor


Stand for Glory

Our Flag still stands for Glory,
as America tells her story,
all the lives taken in the air,
oh the pain, she must bear,
and the lives lost on the ground,
there is silence in the sound.

As the world looks across the sky,
American Flags they still fly,
others have felt this pain,
wondering who is to blame,
as this story is read,
the whole world bows its head.

We will remember their story,
and we will stand for Glory,
for those who died,
in the Lord, we will confide.

As a Father works his life away,
thinking what's it for anyway,
no one can stop his pain,
his life won't be the same,
the events that emptied his heart,
have torn the world apart.

As a Mother tucks her child in,
the world's full of sin,
remembering brings her to her knees,
"bring him back, I beg you please.
Help me, change this story,
help me, stand for Glory."

We will remember their story,
and we will stand for Glory,
for those who died,
in the Lord, we will confide.

As a Child looks up in the sky,
just wondering why,
"Where's my Mom and Dad?"
her face, so long and sad,
others have felt her pain,
oh Lord, who can she blame?

Remembering an innocent infernal,
a Soldier writes in his journal,
"My life won't be the same,
and so they weren't lost in vein,
I will remember their story,
and I will stand for Glory,
for those who died,
in the Lord, I will confide."

We will remember their story,
and we will stand for Glory,
for those who died,
in the Lord, we will confide.

Copyright 2001  Leah Bromley

Our Wings Are Scorched

Yes, our wings are scorched
we have been wounded
but in being hurt, we are healed

God has blessed this country
for it's freedom and kindness
to others who have less
I am confident that
our "Scorched Wings" shall heal
and we will "Soar further and better"
and with all American's eyes in constant watch
We shall never again be a victim of such sorrow
Yes we will sour again, one small step at a time
God help all that  we have lost and
let us appreciate all that we have!
God Bless America
Land That We Love
Stand Beside Us, and Guide Us
Together, hand in hand, as we begin to
rebuild our land and our hearts
As we fly with Our Eagle!
copyright by Joan Ashleigh Miller


(Inspired by the I Will Soar Again Design)

By Brenda A. McMahon

My feathers are badly ruffled,
can you not see?
I will soar again,
this is my guarantee.

I am proud and very patient,
and will renew my strength;
I will not fear your evil,
for I will go to every length.

I will soar through the sky,
and watch with distant vision;
I will zero in on evil,
with such great precision.

My people have come together,
and made my Nation strong;
I will soar again,
for what you did was wrong.

My power will prevail,
in the quietness of the night;
For my strength is in the Lord,
and I will soar by His light.

You may as well surrender,
to save many a soul;
For I will soar again,
and literally take control.

"Holy Spirit Creations"
10/08/01 Brenda A. McMahon


      Proud to be an "American"

      Listen my friend and you will hear
      The goodness of God far and near,
      The helping touch of fellow man
      When times are hard they lend a hand.

      We are a God fearing nation who has a soul
      The goodness within us makes us whole,
      We will welcome you to our free country, shake your hand
      Feed you at our table, because you are fellow man.

      We share in hard times and rally together
      To make the world see things can be better,
      We will prevail because "United We Stand"
      We are about goodness and love across our land.

      We see goodness first when all is said and done
      Because the goodness within us, keeps us united as one
      Evil is not welcome in our home land
      We are Americans and "United We Stand."

      Pamela S. Pleasants

      Copyright ©2001
      Pamela Pleasants


      (dedicated to the families who lost loved ones on Sept. ll, 2001

      It was a warm September day
      The mighty trumpets sounded,the sky made way,
      The Angels came down from the Heavens above
      To gather the souls that were dearly loved.

      The gates were opened, the heavens so bright
      Thousands walked toward the beautiful light,
      Greeting loved ones who had gone before
      What rejoicing,hugging,laughter was ten score

      One by one they looked upon God's face
      And he gave them such a warm embrace,
      "Welcome home my child, a job well done"
      You have earned your wings to look over loved ones.

      It was a glorious day there I am sure
      But much sorrow for the ones left behind to endure,
      The pain is so great, not a word we can say
      For your loved ones left unexpectantly that day.

      May the thoughts of their rewards in Heaven comfort you.

      Pam Pleasants
      Copyright ©2001
      Pam Pleasants


      A Letter To Terrorists
      By:  Rebecca Bingham

      You lived in our society,
      But obviously didn't join us.
      Otherwise you would have known
      that we don't condone suicide or murder

      You killed over two hundred people on those planes
      Two hundred families without their loved ones
      Tonight and forever.

      But that wasn't enough for you.
      You had to make sure that your point was made
      By killing thousands/

      You chose a date that is important to us
      In numeric terms 9-11
      But that wasn't good enough
      You had to use our own words
      United and American
      Don't think that your airline choice slipped by us

      You may have taken a building,
      However, buildings can be rebuilt

      You may have wrecked those words,
      But you didn't touch the meaning of those words,
      You only made them stronger

      You have injured our innocent people,
      every one of us,
      But you can't touch our spirit.  

      You are nothing to us
      We are stronger than you
      We have been brought together because of you
      Or perhaps in spite of you

      You will find out the TRUE meaning of what you have done
      We are Americans who live in the United States.
      And our freedoms will not be taken away by your actions.

      Rebecca Bingham



There is a feeling of sadness all around
as the holiday draws near


There is a feeling of sadness all around as the holiday draws near

A feeling of uncertainty, a loneliness, a fear

Our country is at war and nothing seems the same

Many people's lives have been altered

Who is really to blame?

There are children who lost their mothers and fathers

There are wives whom lost their husbands

There are husbands whom lost their wives

There are a great many unaccounted for

Who are presumed to have lost their lives

Traditional shopping just don't feel quite right

Memories of those who have lost their lives

Compassion for those whom have lost their homes

Yearning for those to come home whom have gone to war to fight

There is a feeling of uneasiness, doubt, and confusion

The freedom we once felt and knew seems more of an illusion

The decorative trees and magic lights that once lit up the night

Are now replaced by American flags to support those who have gone to fight


by: Margaret Rodgers



That sad and dark day, in September
A day everyone will always remember.

The day started sunny and bright,
At 8:58am, it became a horrible sight

As our Towers begain to burn and crumble,
The world felt a very hard rumble.

It came down like rain,
causing much hurt and pain.

The loss of life was great and sad,
Making  the whole world mad and guiet sad.

The tragedy that hit our city,
Hit us without pity.

Now we have a dark and sad city,
But still stand proud and witty.

As you all can see, we have come together as one
And for what they did, its not done.

And as you look up at the houses,
All the Flags and lights in Red, White and Blue

We all know now,
All America is TRUE !!

As people look upon America now,
They see the Beauty and Wonders it holds,

For this Counrty is worth its weight
In Solid Gold.

Your Truely The Torres Family--- Brooklyn NY


Peace On Earth


The Angel's sang to the shepherd's that night.
Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace on earth!
Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace on earth!
Peace! Peace! Peace! Good will to all men.
Glory! Glory! Glory to God in The Highest!
A Savior, Jesus, God's Son has been born.

OH! How I love God's Only Baby Son.
To Him Salvation had already begun.
Jesus, God's Son, grew and grew, to be a man.
He taught us how to live a life for Him.
By His Grace, He gave His Life for me.
He gave Salvation, that day at Calvary.

OH! How I love Thee, God's Only Son.
He came to give Peace, to the hearts of all men.
He Loves and Cares, for you and me.
He died on that Old Rugged Tree at Calvary.
For all need His Love, He came for everyone.

The Angel's sang to the shepherd's that night.
Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace on earth!
Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace on earth!
Peace! Peace! Peace! Good will to all men.
Glory! Glory! Glory to God in The Highest!
A Savior, Jesus, God's Son has been born.

Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace on earth!
A Savior! A Savior! A Savior has been born.
Praise Him! Praise Him! Hallelujah! Praise Him!
Glory! Glory! To God in The Highest! Glory! Glory!
A Savior! A Savior! A Savior has been born.
Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace! Peace on earth.
Written By: Margaret Moore


    Are You Ready?

    "How many were ready?" should be our question, Instead some are asking, "why?"
    We all know we're human And one day we all will die.

    We just aren't usually really sure on which day and in which hour
    Just like the souls that on that day walked into each Trade Tower.

    No-one wants to think about the day that's deemed our end
    but let me take a minute here to talk to you my friend.

    The body that you're walking in is just a HOLDING place
    that holds the life that REALLY counts and lets us live through grace.

    The spirits of those people are as alive as you and me
    The question you should ask yourselves is "how many will you see?"

    They have no more chances to hear the Master's call.
    The choice as to where they'll live their lives was sealed by that great fall

    Some will live in mansions because our brother went there first.
    He said He'd be there to prepare and give to those that thirst.

    The rest of them are realizing that what they thought so well
    was the worse mistake they ever made There REALLY IS a Hell!

    People, you must here these words and BELIEVE in what is said,
    Don't you want to know WHERE you'll be when you're considered dead?

    It could happen any minute of any hour in any day
    In your car..a heart attack.. NONE of us can stay.

    This horror grabbed the nations, they're now thinking more of Him
    To know Him is to trust Him in these times that are so grim.

    Satan rules this earthly world Our Father sent him here
    to prove to him that human man CAN live without great fear

    His plan to rule as we all know was defeated from the start
    he will try his best to fool each man for evil's in his heart

    The blood of innocents' been shed this is very plain
    It's been happening since life began It started first with Cain

    Jesus said He'd come to those who call upon His love
    and they will live forever with our Father up above

    The message here is simple. You'll only get ONE chance
    so you really better think today as you're putting on your pants

    Is today my day? Will I be here tomorrow?
    Will I live in Paradise or will I face great sorrow?

    Will you be ready and your family ready too?
    Will you see the pits of Hell or will Jesus welcome you?

    Jesus is the ONLY way to save your soul from Hell
    Now that I've told you this Who are YOU going to tell?

    Dottie Bowler

 The Stable

God is my Refuge and Shelter, David said.
His Word is filling my heart, with His Bread of Life.
His Holy Word is what I have read.

The Stable is a shelter, a place to keep safe from lifes trials and storms.
Where God's Love for us, His Only Son was born.

In Church we sing, and share God's Holy Word.
Where we sing, of the Love, of our Heavenly Lord.
Listen to the Melody of Love, from God's Throne.
Written By: Margaret Moore

His Tree

      His Tree started as a very, very small seed.
      God's Love, began in us the same way.
      A small, small seed, it grew and grew.
      Our Love for God, reaches out to those who never knew.

      This Tree grew and became as tall as can be.
      This is the Tree, that Jesus gave His Life on, for you and me.
      The Cross, Salvations Plan, began there at Calvary.
      Redemptions Plan included, yes, included you and me.
      To be with Christ our Lord, in His Magnificent Eternity.

      The Old Rugged Tree, will always be there for you and me.
      Jesus Christ, God's Only Son, is waiting for me to see,
      He is right there beside me all the way to His Tree.
      Guiding me to do His Will from now till Eternity.

      The Christmas tree all lit up with lights shining so bright.
      Letting the world know that Jesus still shines for all.
      Jesus is The Light of the world, He is shining, shining for me.
      On that Old Rugged Tree, His Light still shines there for me.
      His Light is shining from that Old Rugged, Rugged Tree,
      Like a beacon on a lighthouse, He is there Shining for you and me.
      Keeping me safe, to be with Him in Heaven's Glory, His Eternity.
      Written BY: Margaret Moore



Wismen Worshiped The King
Wisemen came from the far lands of the East.
Seeing the Star, they followed it to Bethlehem.
They came to Worship Jesus, The New Born King.
Bringing Gifts of, Frankincense, Myrrh, and Gold.

Guided by the Star, to our Savior and King.
Worshiping Jesus, God's Only Begotten Son.
They Worshiped Baby Jesus, The King of Kings.
The Holy Spirit guides us, to our Savior and King.

As they gave Jesus the Frankincense, they lifted prayers up to Him.
Our prayers are lifted up to Jesus, too, we Praise His Holy Name.
Jesus became our Offering to God. He shed His Blood for our sins.
Jesus became an extension of God's Grace to you and me.

Myrrh is used in the anointing of the High Priest.
Jesus is The High Priest, and The King of Kings.
Myrrh is also used to embalm people when they die.
Myrrh represents the death that Jesus would not keep.
Jesus arose from the grave, He set us free of our sins.

Camels laden with Gold. They gave it all to God's Baby Son.
Gold is for Purity, and Divinity. Jesus is The Divine Son of God.
The Wisemen came to Worship Baby Jesus, The King of Kings.
OH! Hallelujah! What A Savior, A Savior, He is to you and me.
Written By: Margaret Moore

 My Sheep

So many people were lost in the rubble of the World Trade Towers,
and The Pentagon. The Firefighter's have dug with all of their power.
To find all of the lost people, that died that dark, dark day.
God hears. He hears their souls cry.
God said, I am seeking and looking for My sheep.
They are lost, I will find them, I can hear them weep.
Never, never will I stop and rest or lay down and sleep,
Till I have found all of My sheep.
I will take them in My arms of Love so Divine,
And take them with Me up Above on High.
They were scattered all about in the rubble,
On that dark, cloudy and horrendous day.
They will be found there, in all of that rubble,
Under the sun's golden ray's.
Oh! What a Glorious day that will be.
When My children are here Home with Me,
Your Loving God, and Savior Jesus Christ.
Written By: Margaret Moore





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