Poetic Graphics has been around for over two years on a private site.
This is its first public appearance.

This is a privately owned web site.
Poetic graphics is for entertainment purposes only.

    At Poetic Graphics, the idea is to submit your graphics design or poetry and watch as others are inspired to create a design or poem to go with it.

    Many people can use their imagination to create beautiful artwork, but need help with poetry or writing. On the other hand, some can create wonderful written works, but cannot create artistic designs. This is a trial run at posting this web site to the public.

    Any ideas or comments will be greatly appreciated.


    This is how it works.

    • If you would like to submit a design, use the "Submit Design" button.
    •  If you would like to submit a poem for the design that is currently posted, use the "Submit Poetry" button.

      Very important
      This web site has grown quite large and receives hundreds of e-mails. Make sure that you type "Poetic Graphics" in the subject section of your e-mail.





Here we go!


Submitted Graphics and Poetry
Click below to view the submitted works of others.


    Links to CT's poems below. 

CT's Poetry and Essays

CT's Patriotic
and Military Poetry

For Us They Served
(Veterans Day 2002)

I Bet You Were
9-11 One Year Tribute)

Flight 77
Pentagon Memorial Contest Entry and Tribute)

This is not Vietnam 

A Special Present

My Backpack is Ready

God's Blanket of Truth

God's Blanket of Truth#2
(As featured on Debsfunpages

God Bwess 'merica

God Bwess 'merica 2
(no moving background)



    Rules and Information

    This is a privately owned web site and intended for enjoyment purposes. Any work that
    is submitted will be with the understanding that this is an open-to-the-public web site.

    Only designs or works of poetry that you have granted permission to post, will be
    accepted. If you prefer to use snail mail, please click here for address information.

    Contact CT

    All works submitted on this section remain the property of the authors or designers. Full credit for each will be listed and e-mail hyperlinks provided for contact purposes. By submitting your work here, it is with the understanding that this web site is not responsible for violations of copyright through unaffiliated sources.


    Copyright Issues.

    The content of these pages are not to be copied, reproduced, printed, linked on other web sites, or distributed in any form without prior written approval. The submitted works on this section are posted with owner's permission granted to Poetic Graphics.

    Posting something that another person has written or produced without receiving permission is a violation of that person's copyright, even if something is not yet registered at the Library of Congress. From the moment an author or designer creates a work, it is owned by them. Violations of plagiarism are not only serious by law, but are simply unethical.

    What is plagiarism?

    The best way to describe this in common language, is to say:

    This occurs when someone uses, reproduces, or publishes the writing or works of another person and attaches his/her name as the creator instead of the actual author. This is also true of rewrites--using a work to reproduce something by simply changing the wording or idea around. In graphics designing this is commonly called "bootlegging." Though many people never maliciously intend to do this, it happens very easily.

    The best way to make sure you are not violating laws is to educate yourself about these issues.

    There are many web sites that offer information on copyright issues. However, below are a few links from the Library of Congress that offer accurate information.


    Official Web Site
    Library of Congress

    Copyright Basics

    Copyright Law of the United States

    National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program


    How to Get Your Work Copyrighted

    Did you know that you can now download all the forms you need to register your work online at the Library of Congress? Click below to get started!

    U. S. Copyright Office





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