Flight 77 Struck Our Nationís Pentagon.

CT's Tribute to the attack on the Pentagon


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Flight 77 Struck Our Nationís Pentagon.


A remembrance for those who witnessed,
Through tear filled eyes.
The earth shook here at thirty-seven past nine.

A memorial that stands to honor
The many lost lives,
Unjustly taken to meet their demise.

A reminder placed for generations to come.
This moment in time,
To remain etched in your mind.

A symbol for strength these walls represent,
This nationís pride.
Our courage and honor will never subside.

We rebuilt the walls that crumbled,
On that tragic day in September,
With caring hands and hearts
That will always remember.

For each inch that was erected
Stands for lives and tears that were shed.
An act meant to destroy this nation
Brought it unity instead.

Heroes fell on these grounds that day.
Heroes who would never see another sunrise.
While the world stood still, after Flight 77,
Shook the earth at thirty-seven past nine.

Cindy Taylor-Dawson
Copyright 2002



Words have the power of the strongest of stone.
Once written or spoken, they remain forever.

This poem was my entry in the Pentagon Memorial Contest.

When I read about the contest, I knew that most of the entries would be architectural design ideas. I thought, "I don't have
any experience in designing plans for a structure. However, what I do construct is words. What is a memorial without
words?" I immediately knew that I would enter this poem. You never know unless you try.

 When people stand in front of the Pentagon 100 years from today, they should be able to feel the emotions that we all felt on
that day. The pain, shock, and anger over the loss of so many American lives. It should also be a reminder of how the people
of this country would not allow the hatred of terrorists to destroy our courage, honor, and belief in freedom. I hope this poem
will help to remind them.


 The song on this page is a beautiful full version of Amazing Grace.
I regret that I do not have the information to give credit for its creation.





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