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I feel greatly honored to be able to make this site an area where we can all share our thoughts and prayers for our
troops, and each other. The words on these pages will be something to reflect on in the years to come...a part of
history that we took the time to document...our feelings at that moment.

I hope that Our Roses will reach even more people. The families and loved ones of the soldiers that gave their lives
need to know that we care. The loss of someone you love is the most difficult experience a person can face.
Please help me to help those that are grieving.

God Bless you all.
CT Dawson

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Each panel contains approximately 100 roses.
The international roses are included.


Rose Panels

Panel 1 added May 5, 2002

Panel 2 added October 23, 2002

Panel 3 added January 7, 2003



Panel 4 added October 21, 2003

Panel 5 added December 30, 2003

Panel 6 added April 5, 2004

Panel 7 added July 9, 2004

Panel 8 added November 14, 2004

Panel 9 added March 6, 2005

Panel 10 added August 9, 2005

Panel 11 added February 3, 2006

Panel 12 added August 20, 2006


Panel 13 added May 9, 2007

Panel 14 added November 15, 2008





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