This is Not Vietnam

A heroes welcome that never came,
The Flags that did not wave.
Wounded bodies, souls, and hearts.
The soldiers were not to blame.

God love our Veterans.
We learned from the past.
The flags finally wave for you.

Campus rallies and war protests,
A country torn by the draft.
Many volunteered to serve when called.
Thousands would not make it back.

God love our people.
We learned from the past
We proudly stand by you.

The jungles of Vietnam,
Are now mountains full of caves.
Retired Veterans seek reenlistment
In spite of experiences they once faced.

God love America.
We learned from the past.
Our flag still stands for truth.

A country with a trust now forsaken
By an attack on our great land.
But they forgot about our pledge,
"One Nation Under God" is how we stand.

God forgive you.
Because, we learned from the past.
We are ALL coming after you.

And what a cloud they will stir
In the horizon as they approach.
Armed with the support of our people,
Seeking justice from coast to coast.

God is with us.
We learned from the past
Our unity is now renewed.

And as our soldiers return,
To the land where they belong
The flags will wave for victory
With a proper welcome home.

God protect them
We learned from the past
Our nation proudly salutes you.

Author and graphics designer
Cindy Taylor-Dawson
Copyright January 2002

Memorial Day 2002

Photos used with permission.
Sunrise at Arlington National Cemetery
Sunset at the Vietnam Memorial Wall

In memory of those that fought for our freedom.

They proudly served their country.
Now, they proudly serve with angel's wing.

                  CT Dawson

This poem is from a tribute to Our Fallen Soldiers at


This poem was a working poem. It was originally posted in draft form and revised through feedback from the Veterans that I correspond with. It is through them that I learn and write the words that should be written.

Thank you for sharing your experiences that help all of us to understand.

We must always stand beside our military.


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