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I felt after "I Will Soar Again" that I may never create another one that means that much to me. I was wrong. After 4 weeks of responding to emails, I thought that I accomplished what I was called to do...and now it is time to move on. But, I still felt that I had much more to say yet. "The Backpack".... was written to help remind people that this is REAL...we are at war again and please don't forget that our soldiers are out there. We all must do our part. What I fear that may happen in our society is a stage that often occurs after trauma...denial. We want to shut it down and shut it out. Yes. We must move on. But, forward has forever taken a whole new meaning in our society.

Have you read the "Condensed speech by Leo K. Thorsness", recipient of The Congressional Medal of Honor? He describes an experience, while in a Vietnam POW prison camp, that shows how much the flag means to a soldier. Copies of this speech can be found on numerous sites, but I will include it here for you to see. My attempts at contacting Leo Thorsness prior to posting this section of my website failed. Maybe he will see this page and send an email.

The encouraging emails have helped me to keep writing. Some of you have sent regular emails since September 24. It has been my pleasure to get to know all of you. Therefore I want to dedicate the creation of "God's Blanket" to one of you. Through emails, George Field, disabled Vietnam Veteran, has constantly given me encouragement to keep writing. Thanks for believing in me George.

This country supports patriotism and prayer now more than it has in a very long time. Not a day goes by that I don't admire all the flags waving and the signs hanging. It gives me a great sense of pride for our country. So, I feel that I need to do my small part to help, until every last soldier returns home. I hope through my web site that I can help to do that. Our soldiers need us to support and most of all have trust in what they are doing. War is hard on everyone.

The Veterans that served before them...feel the anxiety of war based on their own past experiences. It is a tough time for them now. I correspond with many vets and all have the same thing to say.....they would gladly go over and take the places of the younger ones stationed overseas now. That is the dedication of our veterans. Proud, True, and Dedicated to their Country to the last breath.

For the soldiers stationed thousands of miles away, the reality of war is before them with each waking moment.

              Cindy Taylor-Dawson

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Leo K. Thorsness--Speech




Our Fallen Soldiers



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Fallen Soldiers honors the military lives lost in this war against terrorism.
Arrange your own basket of flowers, post your condolences, and view the messages sent in by others at
Our Roses


Tree for the Troops

"The Trees"
Holiday Greetings for our Troops





CT's Poetry

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This was sent to me through email.
Being an old veteran FedEx courier myself,
I just had to post this one.


The German warship, LUTJENS (D185) greets the
USS Winston S. Churchill (DDG 81).
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A Letter Home from Sea

A great drawing done by a soldier shortly before he deployed.
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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page-- Washington, DC
This site offers a way to search for a name on the wall.
Plus.......You can download a free screensaver of the Wall or
Unit, !!

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The VietNam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page
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Congressional Medal of Honor Society.


Great Information Sites:
Medal of Honor Citations Vietnam War1964 -1972

 U.S. Army Center of Military History
Full-text Listings of Medal of Honor Citations



Fort Campbell, KY









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