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I Bet You Were

Were you surprised that we did not hang our heads in shame?
That instead we knelt and prayed, grieved over our losses,
And then paid tribute to each name.
I bet you were.

Were you surprised that we joined hands across this land?
The chaos you expected never happened.
You saw how Americans take a stand.
I bet you were.

Were you surprised that we cried together with pride?
Knowing that our strength grew through each tear that fell.
We did not run and hide.
I bet you were.

Were you surprised when our passengers decided to divert your plans,
Courageously doing what they did to save the lives of others,
By taking matters into their own hands?
I bet you were.

Were you surprised when our military did not overreact?
They watched over things here, patiently waited, and planned
When to fight back.
I bet you were.

You see, here in America we are one big family.
We are all different. And we like it that way.
We fought and died to protect our rights.
Thatís the strength of this great nation today.

We do not give up, when justice must be done.
Not out of revenge, but to protect others.
Our flags will fly and our forces unite
Youíll hear us approaching like thunder.


Thatís America.
Were you surprised?
I just bet you were.


CT Dawson

Copyright 2002



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