My Backpack is Ready


My backpack is ready
To board that plane today.
This time it's for certain that
No drill do we portray.

My backpack is ready
And waiting by my side.
But, I had friends and loved ones
That I had to tell goodbye.


My backpack is ready
As I turn to walk away.
It watches as the tears fall
and hands begin to wave.

My backpack is ready
I wish I could say the same.
But I know God is with me.
I have trained for this day.

My backpack is ready
To hold the things most dear
Pictures, diary, letters home.
I have to keep it near.

My backpack is ready
Its job to proudly fulfill.
See, if I donít make it home
Hopefully, my backpack will.

Cindy Taylor-Dawson
Copyright      10/31/01


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