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A Note From Your Webmaster at the Keyboard, CT Dawson

The poem and design below, created on 9-21-01, was my inspiration for this web site. I had a message to share with the world. I also felt I was not alone in this mission. That others need a place to share their words and/or graphics too. A place they can trust. Therefore, this site was opened to the public for submissions through four different e-mail addresses and a Post Office box. For those of you that have visited since day one, you witnessed as these pages grew.

It continues to be an honor to offer this site to you, to get to know some truly great people, and to be a part of something that shows our pride and support for America. The heartfelt words and prayers of people around the globe made this site what it is today.

Thank You and God Bless You All.

CT Dawson

 We will NEVER forget!!

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I Will Soar Again

With my back turned, you betrayed me
on a quiet peaceful day.

I was watching as the morning sun
cast colors across the bay.

Moments before your destruction,
my heart was quite at peace.

Then suddenly, without warning,
your attack was upon me.

All the feathers that have fallen
can never be replaced.

But of the ones that still remain,
have strength to honor their space.

For now, I wait. I watch. I heal.
With pride you could not contain.

For the one thing that is certain,
with courage….I WILL soar again!

        CT Dawson
        September 21, 2001
        Copyright 2001


Eagles are proud and patient
They have keen eyesight and will watch for hours for prey...
in order to strike with amazing accuracy.
It has always been a perfect symbol for our Nation.

                  CT Dawson 9/21/01





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I have enjoyed the past four years with all of you and hope you we put lots of smiles on some faces out there during the holiday seasons.



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